Mashmatrix released Excel-like web app for Salesforce CRM data manipulation

Tokyo, September 13, 2016 - Mashmatrix, a pioneer in developing and selling web-based enterprise solutions for cloud service productivity optimization, announces that it has released a new application named “Mashmatrix Sheet”, which enables Salesforce users to manipulate their CRM data in an Excel-like spreadsheet interface.

Mashmatrix Sheet Screenshot

Using the Mashmatrix Sheet, Salesforce users can browse their CRM data with ease like they did in desktop Excel application. Searching, filtering, sorting can be done as if you were in Excel sheet. It is also possible to edit the data inline and bulk-update by copy-and-paste operation. No more data export/import tasks are required for the data maintenance.

The Mashmatrix Sheet offers 30-day free trial, and is immediately available through Salesforce’s AppExchange application marketplace .

About Mashmatrix

Mashmatrix is a Tokyo-based software company which provides innovative user solutions and increased productivity to our customers, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like web services, Ajax, and mashup. By applying these technologies to enterprise systems, we make sure that data is easily visualized, the interface is user-friendly, and that the system is highly responsive.

Mashmatrix, Inc.
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